We guarantee timeliness and precision with our Waterjet metal cutting services

Waterjet technology is one of the most versatile cutting processes available and is well suited for high performance metal cutting.

It can easily cut up to a 300mm thickness and is versatile enough to cut a variety of shapes and metal materials such as:

  • common materials mild steel and aluminium
  • titanium, Inconel® and brass
Metal Cutting Services
metal cutting services

There is absolutely no mechanical stress or heat distortion so secondary processing can usually be eliminated, which means you get a satin smooth edge directly off the waterjet table.

Parts can be tightly nested or common-line cut which produces less scrap and saves you money.

Plus it's OK to have inconsistent material that is not 'laser ready' and there is no need for extensive part clamping which limits the lateral or vertical forces.

Whatever the shape or thickness you need to cut we can help!

See the other materials we can cut and learn more about how waterjet cutting works here.

Metal Cutting Comparisons

WaterJet Laser Plasma
Cuts non-metallic materials Yes No No
Capable of multi-head cutting applications Yes No Limited
Multilayer cutting Yes No No
Easily cuts composites Yes No No
Causes material hardening No Yes Yes
Causes burr formation None or minimal Yes Yes
Requires re-working None or minimal Yes Yes
Loss of material None or minimal High Yes
Tightest tolerances .004" - .011" (0.1 - 0.3mm) .004" (0.1mm) .008" - .019" (0.2 - 0.5mm)
Creates hazardous vapors No Yes Yes
Maximum material thickness's cut Up to 12" (305mm) < .98" (25mm) < 3.15" (80mm)
Causes warping/deformation to material No Yes Yes

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